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Saturday, September 16, 2006

This will probably send the hummingbirds packing-

Well, the weather guessers were correct and the fall season has officially rolled in with a vengeance since Thursday. Its been raining and the temperature has dropped from the 80s earlier this week to just 45 degrees last night on the way home from the movies. There is snow on the mountain above our house about 500 feet further up in elevation.

I did see one cold, wet and miserable looking hummer bird at my feeder yesterday but I suspect that this cold front will signal them to head south for warmer climes. The hummingbirds that frequent my feeder all summer are one of the real treasures of my daily life and I enjoy them every day they frequent my front yard.

So not much to do today except for schoolwork. I have two speeches to prepare and a term paper for Biology to dig back into.

The good news? I swept the leaf and twig crud off my shop roof a week or two ago and that seems to have fixed my leaking roof problem. It rains so infrequently when the weather is good that I rarely remember to check things out but I did go up there and sweep off a great deal of junk and checked for obvious roof damage. I went out yesterday after a night off downpour and the shop was dry, so that's good news.

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